CD Review - Sugaray


In a nutshell, "pure old- time blues." Sugaray, born Caron Rayford, has a strong, soulful, bluesy voice. His CD, "Blind Alley," will have you swaying and bouncing . My only problem with the CD is that he only does a couple originals. They are good "Blind Alley" and "I sing the Blues." The title song, "Blind Alley," features some nice horns and soulful background vocals. I want more from him! That aside, I love this CD. He is a big Al Kooper fan (me, too). He does 2 Kooper tunes, including the opening song, "Nuthin I Wouldn't Do ( For a Woman Like You)." He does a wonderful cover here. Nice harmonica and vocals with great lyrics."I'd fight dragons with a toothpick just to prove to you I care."

He also does covers ( very well by the way) of Son House's "Death Letter Blues, "B.B. King's "You Upset Me Baby," Blind Willie Johnson's "Dark Was the Night" and Arthur Adams "You Can't Win For Losing." Also, he shows his strong vocal ability on "I've got to Move "( be it brief).

This CD doesn't lack anything. It has dark, soulful blues and lively, bouncy tunes. People have complained that most of today's newer blues artists are mostly derivations of blues... Blues/Rock, Texas/ Blues and so forth. THIS IS BLUES ! I have suggested that people get CDSs before- this one you MUST buy! ~ Don Vecchio